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The “Street Dog”

There aren’t a lot of animated and live action movie references which focus their plot around a “street dog”, given the fact that most audiences are drawn to dogs of certain pedigree and breeds.

However, the 1991 animated feature Rover Dangerfield managed to pull it off, with the voice talents of legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield bringing life to a “street dog” character with street smarts.
Originally plotted out to be a “for mature audiences” cartoon, the feature revolved around the story of a Vegas dog named Rover adjusting to life in a rural setting, particularly in a farm, where he managed to put himself in hilarious situations where the city-life got in the way of farm-life.

With his background as a big city dog, the movie illustrated that dogs are still subject to certain adjustments when talking about changes in their current environments, something which all dogs are liable to experience, regardless of breed.

When it comes to a change in environments, the adjustment phase experienced by dogs is variable, dependent on the kind of “upbringing” a given dog had been subjected to.

Outgoing dogs tend to adjust faster than dogs who’ve spent most of their days indoors, and facilitating an “easy transition” for dogs which haven’t really been exposed to the world is highly advised.

Tales of such dogs, especially when left alone in the house, breaking out and looking for their old home have been known, with some ending with unwanted finales.

Should you and your dog be moving out to a new place, take the time to let your loyal companion get used to his surroundings. One way of letting a dog get used to the idea of home is to maintain a certain feeding station, one which he or she will associate as the new place where treats and food can be found.

Try not to do anything “traumatic” too soon, such as giving a dog a bath. Though its not really an assurance that a dog won’t run off from a new home, its important to make use that your dog is comfy in his new home, before “daily life” resumes.

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