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Top Vitamins that your Dog Needs

As a dog owner, your top priority should be doing all you can to keep your dog fit and healthy. Many dog owners, however, do this by concentrating on buying good dog food and ensuring their dogs get enough time to run and play around.

Exercise, however, is just one of the many important components of dog health. In fact, it’s better to be more cautious about what your dog eats and if they are getting enough vitamins and minerals.

A high quality, well balanced dog food mix that you can get in most pet shops or even supermarkets is enough to give your dog all their daily nutritional needs. The science behind creating dog food has become more high tech and accurate, so you don’t have to give your do supplements if you are giving them a good dog food brand.
Dog vitamins
Differences between Dogs
Keep in mind that older dogs and younger dogs have different nutritional needs. Puppies for instance, need higher doses of vitamins and minerals to help them grow and develop properly.

When it comes to older dogs on the other hand, it’s usually a case to case basis. Dogs with problems such as DM in dogs, will need more nutrients, but healthy older dogs usually need vitamins in small amounts.

Below are the essential minerals and vitamins that you need to give to your dog.

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps your dog stay fit by burning extra fats, making it easier for them to lose weight, especially if they’re too large for their size and age. Vitamin A also helps rid their bodies of toxins that they could have eaten or absorbed through the skin. You can give them liver or eggs if you want to boost up this vitamin on their daily intake.

Vitamin B-12

This vitamin helps stimulate cell growth, nerve and muscle development. With proper exercise, the right amount of this vitamin can help your dog develop strong muscles and healthy nerves. It can even prevent serious health problems such as DM in dogs.


Helps keep blood cells healthy as they’re transported all over the body. For higher iron, give them meat products, which are rich in the stuff.


Give your dog a healthy heart with this mineral. It’s also a good idea to feed your dog with some kind of carbohydrate-rich food, which is likely to be rich in potassium.
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