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Vindictive Dogs

“Vindictive dogs” have been the subject of countless pet owner stories, with different owners from different parts of the world telling and retelling tales over how man’s best friend is capable of actually expressing a very human trait.

Though the vindictive capacities of dogs were not exactly the highlight in the 2012 feature Furry Vengeance, the prospect of animals taking revenge on humans was explored by the movie, focusing on how a group of local woodland creatures were against the intentions of a real estate developer.
Starring Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields, Furry Vengeance didn’t really do all that great as a blockbuster hit, but in delving into the animal capacity to take revenge, the movie did lead many to explore the factual existence of “vindictive dogs”.

In most pet circles, the concept of animals capable of bearing a grudge isn’t not unheard of, along with the jotting down of dangerous animals which are generally unpredictable.

When talking about “vindictive dogs”, a number of pet circles have considered the possibility, but properly assessing its existence as a universal doggy trait has been difficult, given the fact that different situations and different conditions are subject to interpretation.

Generally, dogs are known to exhibit certain likes and dislikes, with the tendency to react badly towards the things which they dislike.

Take the case of giving dogs a bath and their general reactions to it, something which dog owners are very well familiar and acquainted with.

Certain dogs tend to have their own set of “post-bathing rituals”, which could include anything from ripping off a sofa’s cushions to rolling in the dirt while their furs are wet. As a number of pet owners have interpreted such “post-bathing rituals” as manifestations of a dog’s vindictive capabilities, a number of pet care experts note that such “post-bathing rituals” are actually doggy reactions from being given a bath, not necessarily done out of spite over what their respective masters had done to them.

With the subject still being studied and explored, defining a truly 100% status on a dog’s vindictive capacity hasn’t yet been established, but one thing is known about dogs: if they don’t like what’s being done to them, they have their own respective reactions to it.

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