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A Closer Look at the Fennec Fox

Just the mere sight of a fox is intimidating. The normal reaction would be fear and threat. Although
not exactly huge and powerful compared to other canines, its small stature has defined its strategy in
survival. It can outwit and outsmart other animals of its kind instead of fighting with them head-on.

Despite this perception, do you know that you can bring home a fox as a pet? Well, not exactly the fox
in the wild but the smallest one there is – the Fennec fox that grows from 16-18 inches in length and
about 8-10 inches tall at the shoulder. Its enormous, bat-like ears that measure up to 6 inches, is what
makes this smallest fox remarkable and distinctive. Normally thriving in the sandy desert of the Sahara
and some parts of Africa, they keep themselves cool, thanks to those bat-like ears that radiate heat in
the midst of it all. They have also thick and long hair that insulates them during cold nights, while serving
as protection from the rays of the sun during most of the day.
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Belonging to the canine family, the Fennec Fox is also referred to as the desert fox, a beautiful and social
canine that can complete one’s home. Although not a common pet to have and to love, a Fennec Fox
behaves exactly like a dog and can be one’s best friend, too. However, careful socialization and exposure
is a must-do for a Fennec Fox to be aware of its surroundings, since they are not normally domesticated.

If you are looking for a unique pet to bond with the same qualities of a dog, the Fennec fox can be the
perfect choice. They are extremely loyal and obedient. Before deciding on having a Fennec Fox as a pet,
here are some points to consider.

-Check on the legalities on your area, if having a pet Fennec Fox is allowed.

-Start it out with a pup in order to easily train

- Kenneling is required – indoor kennels or outdoor pens will do

- Provide room and time for socialization and good amount of exposure to other people

- Practically omnivores, so the best diet should be a mixture of dog food, cat food, vegetable and fruits

- Provide adequate shelter that is tolerant to both hot and cold weather

- Find a veterinarian to look after and monitor your pet
Fennec Fox picture

Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox picture

Fennec Fox picture
 Fennec Fox Video
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