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About dog art

Dog art has been a favorite of many since the ancient times. In ancient days, dogs were mostly portrayed as hunters and very little pictures are available where the dog was seen in a calm and serene position. Contemporary dog art however see dogs as innocent and playful and they are show as cute andfriendly animals.

Dog art involves painting pictures of dogs or using the photographs of dogs in various ways to transform it in to art. Dog lovers first started this trend and now it has gained so much popularity. Dog art include dog jewelry,artwork of prints, posters, paintings and crafts, ceramics, stained glass, painted tiles, wooden dog items and more. Many people are working in this line where they either paint the dog pictures in objects or frame them and make items like key chains, etc. These people are the dog artists.

There are many renowned artists whose works are being sold for very huge sums and are in demand. Besides them there are many companies who have creative artists who work on such art.

The dog art may be based in the historic times or in the contemporary times. Dog art helps us to show our love for our dogs and they enlighten our houses. The dogs in the art may be running, jumping, playing, sleeping, or doing all sorts of poses. Puppy art is also in much demand because any people find dogs cuter when they are young. Dog art includes both young and old dogs and dog artists work on all kinds of different breeds. We can make them paint our dogs in any object we wish and get our own customized dog art. Dog art is done in fabrics, coffee mugs, t-shirts, caps, greeting cards, or even have the pictures framed. In case we don’t have dogs then we can choose any dog breed and in ay color doing any thing.
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