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Bearded Dragons

As exotic pets, bearded dragons are truly popular, regardless of the fact that they are not really fire breathing and capable of flying as dragon myths and legends would describe dragons to be.

The 1977 live action and animated feature Pete’s Dragon, produced by Walt Disney Studios, continues to be one of the many movies involving dragons and their interaction with human beings, with Pete’s Dragon telling the story of how an orphan and his magical pet dragon stay clear from the orphan’s antagonist adoptive parents.

As a movie, Pete’s Dragon is obviously a story that’s borne from fiction, given how magical dragons don’t really exist. Bearded Dragons, however, are real.
Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragons as Pets

The term “bearded dragon” doesn’t exactly define a particular species, but actually refers to seven lizard species found in Australia, officially known as the pogona genus.

Among the different lizard species, it is the central or inland bearded dragon that’s popularly kept as pets, a status which hails from their naturally calm natures, along with the relative ease involved in their care and upkeep.

Known to be generally friendly, the central or inland bearded dragon is known to be popular among children. As lizards, they can grow as large as 16 to 24 inches in length, and can weigh somewhere between a quarter of a kilo (250 grams) to half (600 grams).

Being omnivores, central or inland bearded dragons aren’t all the fickle with what they eat, but care should be given due consideration on what they are being fed with. Animals with bioluminescent chemicals, like fireflies, should not be fed to them since they are poisonous to bearded dragons.

Also, getting a bearded dragon from the wild is highly unadvisable, not so much because of their temperaments, but because of health and safety reasons involving viruses and parasites.

As dragons continue to be popular mainstays in tales of fantasy and adventure, the prospect of keeping a real live “dragon” continues to be a sought after dream. Though real dragons of fantasy don’t exist, the bearded dragon stands to be an ideal proxy as a pet “dragon”, one that isn’t all that complicated to deal with.
Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons
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