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Can You Actually Swim with a Tiger?

Watching a huge cat in the wild is a sight to behold. Looking into an enclosure with a powerful tiger is a
bit frightening. Holding on to a big jeep in a Safari Ride with a ferocious creature standing-by is a scary
but memorable experience. How about practically swimming with a tiger?

Believe it or Not, a private zoo in Dade City, Florida is now providing once-in-a-lifetime chance to swim
with a Siberian Tiger Cub. This is no joke! According to a most current article in Yahoo News, it takes
$200 to swim with the tiger for 30 minutes plus an opportunity to cuddle and bottle feed a 6-week old
cub named Tony the Tiger.
Swim with a Tiger
Swimming with dolphins is an exhilarating experience. These mammals are smart, naturally friendly
and social. Have you entertained the idea of swimming with a tiger? Although still a cub, Tony the
Tiger is still the tiger that we all fear the most together with lions, leopard and all the carnivores in the
wild. Despite the slimmest idea of being able to swim with a tiger, this time, it is most sought-after, as
more and more customers, line up each day to take part in the awesome swim! While it may sound
threatening and dangerous, it has been a resounding success! It is something that not all people can
do given the limited time and opportunity because this is not a permanent thing. When the tiger grows
more than 50 pounds, it would already be difficult to interact with these cats. If the scales reach to
1,000 pounds or more, it would be kind of impossible already.

The article goes on to say, "It's kind of a limited time that we can do it in Florida. You can only interact
with the tiger until they're 40 pounds," said Randy Stearns, head animal trainer and president of Wild

Although this has been an in-thing lately, this is potentially hazardous to everyone resulting to an
outpour from animal rights activists and other private entities.

Can you actually swim with a tiger? Most definitely yes, but it is better to stay out of the water and
watch these huge cats in action from a distance!
Swim with a Tiger

Swim with a Tiger

Swim with a Tiger
 Swim with a Tiger Video
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