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Dogs and new masters/homes

The subject of dogs and adjusting to new masters and homes has long been talked about by countless dog lovers, with those who have to give up their furry buddies asking a lot of questions related to how their pooches would adjust to such changes.

The 2008 computer-generated feature, Roadside Romeo, managed to actually give a solid and reliable answer to those who have questions on how dogs would do with new masters and new homes, though the movie’s response is not as straightforward as most would opt such responses to be.

The movie, heralded for being the second Bollywood movie to be released in North America through a Hollywood studio, talked about the life of a dog who was living large, only to experience all the comforts and pleasures he had been experiencing taken away.

From the suite life to life on the road, Romeo, the movie’s main protagonist, had to go through some tough hurdles in adjusting with his new situation, enhancing himself physically and learning new things in the process.

As the story goes about its course, Romeo’s adventures touch up on him having to deal with different obstacles and challenges, as well as learning to adjust with his new life in the streets. Just as how dogs are subjected to drastic changes in their master/home setups, Romeo’s story in Roadside Romeo says a lot about dogs and the adjustment phase to new homes and new masters – it all depends on the dog.

Though there are a general set of physical and personal similarities between different types of dogs and dog breeds, the individual capacity for a dog to adjust to outside, external factors is somewhat dependent on how a dog is capable of dealing with such changes, regardless of a dog’s age.

The old adage which goes along the lines of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” may be popular, but it isn’t exactly correct in the sense that old dogs can still learn something new, though not as openly and as fast as younger dogs would.

When introduced to new habitats and new masters, dogs are known to go through an adjustment phase, with the duration of that phase altogether being relative to a given dog’s capacity to deal with changes.

Bottom line, dogs and new masters/homes are generally not that big a problem if a dog can easily adapt to different changes, just as how Romeo in Roadside Romeo dealt with the changes around him.

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