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Find a Real Honey Bear in the Kinkajou

“Bears love honey and I’m a Pooh bear, so I don’t care. I’ll climb there. I’m so rumbly in my tumbly… a
time for something sweet.” Winnie the Pooh loves to sing this song and is often identified as the cartoon
character that loved honey more than anything else.

Many animals love honey, that sweet yellowish and brownish fluid that bees produce from various
nectar of flowers and used as food. Although Winnie the Pooh loved and adored honey, funny thing is
he is never called a Honey Bear. What is surprising to note is that there is a one-of-a-kind mammal that
carries this name, the Kinkajou, better known as the Honey Bear. Now, this is the real honey bear that
we are actually referring to, loving honey and living up to its name!
Kinkajou Honey Bear
The Kinkajou is a rainforest mammal belonging to the Procyonidae family- -known member specie of
the new world of the order of carnivores, a complete irony, since these mammals better thrive in an
omnivorous diet that consists mainly of fruits, figs and honey. Although Kinkajous are usually identified
to be part of the monkey fact is, it is not at all related to this kind. Its closest animal class that it can be
belong is the raccoon and sometimes the coatis.

A Kinkajou is native to Central and South America and possesses a long, slender body with large
eyes, short legs with five toes on each foot and sharp claws as well as soft, golden brown furry coat.
Because of this, they are often hunted down for their wonderful fur that sells by the thousands. Its long
prehensile tail is so precise in manipulating and holding, that it can actually be at par with how monkeys
move and able to climb with its tail and even appear to be hanging on a branch only with its tail, a
characteristic that makes them arboreal, a certain locomotion of animals that makes them live in trees.
Just like raccoons, they have remarkable manipulative abilities and are nocturnal, which is the reason
why they are hardly seen during the day.

Because these honey bears are generally playful, docile and quiet, these mammals are often times
considered to be exotic pets although they tend to be aggressive given a noisy and volatile environment
especially when they are disturbed and awakened from the sleeping time during the day.

One can find a real honey bear in the Kinkajou, a pet that you can hug and hold if you have the heart
for an exotic pet. Remember, that exotic pets are not for impulse exotic buyers. If you are interested in
having a honey bear for a pet, take time to know everything you want to know about a Kinkajou – its
diet, behavior, habitat and the legalities in your area.
Kinkajou Honey Bear

Kinkajou Honey Bear

Kinkajou Honey Bear

Kinkajou Honey Bear
Kinkajou Honey Bear Video
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