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Get Rid of Smelly and Itchy Dogs

“What’s that smell?” Dogs have normal doggy odor, something that is natural, tolerable and not unpleasant at all. In fact, most healthy dogs do not have any smell if they are bathed regularly and thoroughly. So, if your pup or perhaps your dog is quite stinky and smelly and leads you to ask, “What’s that smell?”, then something is not right. If you smell a rotten old cheese or stored, old popcorn, something that’s musty and pungent, then your little doggie is not in the pink of health.

“Why is she itching and scratching?” If you see your dog irritable and keeps on itching, often times digging anywhere just to put relief on the itch, do not take this lightly.

These two blatant symptoms, the pungent smell of an itchy dog are warning signs of yeast infection. Whatever the condition is, whether it is a bacterial or yeast infection, your best friend definitely needs your help to sooth the itch and solve the root cause of the problem. If your dog is spending a lot of time digging anywhere, whether in the garden or at the park to relieve intense itching, do take notice. Whether it's a bacterial or yeast infection, she needs your help to solve the problem.

Although dogs have a certain level of yeast in their bodies that promote healthy flora because of a balanced immune system, an immune system imbalance can also produce otherwise. Thus, an immune system that is not balanced can cause yeast overgrowth. It cannot simply control the balance leading to canine yeast infections.

You can easily visit a veterinarian for steroid therapy to shut off the immune system response or perhaps opt for the conventional use of antibiotics to destroy the bad bacteria but sadly, it would also kill the good and healthy yeast levels in the long run.

You can actually help get rid the smell and the itch by first checking the following:

1. Diet – Grab an anti-yeast diet. This is actually sugar-free because yeast feeds on sugar to hae energy and the absence of it would not progress to its growth and development. Low glycemic veggies are also a requirement. Abolish carbohydrates in the menu as well.

2. Disinfection and Hygiene- Try to see to it to clean and disinfect the doggie body parts with yeast. One can use natural anti-fungal shampoo to clean and do it often as possible.

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