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Golden Langur

The Golden Langur, formally known as Gee’s Golden Langur, stands to be one of the most readily identified Old World Monkey Species, with many familiar with how it looks, but not its name.

Monkey from the Kung Fu Panda series, stands to be one of the most popular Golden Langur characters, debuting in the 2008 Dreamworks animated feature. Voiced by none other than the international sensation known as Jackie Chan, the character’s role in being one of the Furious Five has played a significant role in spreading awareness about the Golden Langur.
Defined by its golden hair and black hued face, Golden Langurs are known for being herbivores, with their penchant for fruits, seeds and flowers. With its long tail being one of its more notable physical attributes, the Golden Langur is found in different parts of the Asian mainland, with Golden Langurs also found in portions of India.

Currently classified as an endangered species, Golden Langurs are known to come in groups called “troops”, with these troops typically consisting of 8 Golden Langur members, though there have been troops known to be composed of 50 Golden Langurs.

Settlers of the Himalayan regions have considered Golden Langurs as a sacred species, an attribute which was ported into Monkey in Kung Fu Panda.

Though not exactly expert martial artists, a number of kung fu styles have been based on the movements of animals, thus the reason why the makers of Kung Fu Panda thought it apt to feature a monkey character with kung fu skills.

Typically found hanging out on the canopies of trees, the Golden Langur is one of the most majestic looking monkeys, with its golden hair making it stand out from the rest.

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