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Guide for Families in Choosing the Best Dog Breed

As much as there is no typical family, there is also, no typical dog. It all depends on the family profile
and the qualities that they are searching for in a dog. A family with an infant may decide on an entirely
different dog breed compared to a family with four active young kids living in a farm.

It is vital to check the lifestyle of the family before even getting a dog. Which dog breed can be most
suitable to your family? One cannot get a “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and put that miniscule of a dog to
serve as guard dog to a harsh neighborhood. Aside from this, there are apparently, many factors to
consider in choosing the dog breed that will be the best fit for the entire household.
dog breeds
It is a fact that children and dogs can easily create an instant connection. With their innocence and
unassuming ways, children can cuddle their pet dog without inhibitions, sending energies to the dog
that it is wanted and loved.

When people ask, “What should be the best dog breed for families?” There is no right and wrong
answer. Families have children, to start with, whether infant, toddler, grader or teenager. Even if it is
advisable to consider which dog breed may be able to get along with children, this should not be the
only consideration. It is one of the critical factors though but not the one and only focal point in making
a choice.

The breed of dog however does not solely determine how children and pet dog will be able to mix and
match. Now, remember this: All dogs, irrespective of their breed are also individuals. The temperament,
lineage and behavior are crucial essentialities in picking out the best dog breed for families but at the
end of the day, the connection, love, orientation, socialization, discipline and training can virtually make-
up the dog’s good behavior and positive well-being.

One can search the net and you will find flooding information about top ten dog breeds to have.
There are lots of them, regardless of their order, ranging from the Bulldog, Beagle, Bull Terrier, Collie,
Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, Papillon, Pug, Labrador Retriever, Duchshand, Basset Hound, Vizsla,
Irish Setter, Poodle. The list can go on and on. One thing that is highly notable in the list is the difference
of dog breeds. There are breeds found in the other list which is not also include in the

Although, there are a couple of suggestions and lists of top ten dogs breeds to have which is part and
parcel of the general guide for families, here are some more factors to know which are of equal weight:

The dog's breed type - some breeds are obviously more suited to living among families with kids
but this should not limit other dogs not found in the list (Labrador, Golden Retriever as mentioned

Where you purchase the dog from (the genetics, bloodline and lineage of the dog where their
temperament was derived).

As much as possible, start it out with a pup where you can have the opportunity to nurture ,
love, socialize, expose, discipline, teach and train

How your children are educated to behave around the dog
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