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How Can You Stop Your Dog From Too Much Barking?

Dog barking is often misunderstood. Every dog owner must understand the fact that barking is a
completely normal behavior for dogs. What good is it when a dog does not bark at all? Fact is, dog
barking is a form of dog communication - a sign of protecting the territory and guarding the people and
things that belong to it. Other reasons for barking may be boredom, stress and anxiety, fear, warning
sign, or just the invitation to play. Greeting can also be a form of barking, so there is no need to worry.
However, too much barking becomes annoying and disturbing and many dog owners’ attention is called
which usually causes serious problems for them.

So normal barking is totally acceptable but excessive barking is already deemed inappropriate and
unacceptable. At this point, it is crucial for every dog owner to find and know the cause of too much dog
barking. In fact, it is the key to be able to finally stop it.
Dog barking
No one can stop the barking but you, his best friend and owner can. You cannot just demand and
say, “Stop Barking” or say “Be Quiet!”, because they will definitely still continue to bark. Here are some
tips to quickly stop your dog from too much barking.

Give Attention – Find out why your dog keeps on barking? Is he responding to a stimulus, like a doorbell
ringing perhaps? Is your dog confined in a kennel, an enclosure and he is just merely relaying that he
wants to be outside? What about defecating? Does your dog want to remove out of the kennel than
usual? There are so many reasons why they bark and if you are just sensitive enough and find time to
attend to his needs, he will cease from too much barking.

Go Back to Basics of Dog Training – Perhaps you may have overlooked this and have not reinforced the
training you have given to your dog the first time. Train again and provide positive rewards. Start by
training to come when called.

Provide Adequate Amount of Exercise – Dogs also become stressed out when they lack exercise. A
simple walk-the-dog at the park can be stress-reliever, solving some behavior problems in the long
run. Jogging and running can also help because it increases the heart levels and producing the calming,
sedating hormones that can lead to less barking
Dog barking

Dog barking

Dog barking
How to train a dog to stop barking -Video
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