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Keeping a Clean Dog – 3 Things to Take Note Of

Grooming your dog should be something that you regularly have to do. Keeping them clean is a main priority since you don’t want to have a bad smelling dog in the house. Here are 3 things you need to make sure of when cleaning your dog.

Hair brushing

Most dogs love to get their hair brushed. This helps strengthen their hair and you also get to bond with your dog. This also takes out the dust and keeps their coat healthy and strong. Depending on how long and coarse the dog’s coat is, you might need to brush it every day or just a few times a week. Long hair dogs are a bit high maintenance when it comes to brushing. Regardless of their hair type, you can just brush their coat every day, especially if they enjoy it. Frequent brushing can help minimize excess shedding and hair build-up. Use a good brush like the Furminator which takes out all the tangles and de-sheds their coats.
Keeping a Clean Dog
Nail trimming

 If you don’t trim your dog’s nails, get ready to be scratched. You dog may jump up on you and their claws can get a bit too sharp. File them down or trim them with a nail cutter. There are specific nail cutters made for dogs but you might have a hard time looking for one. These are only sold is specialty pet shops. Some illnesses like dm in dogs will damage your dog’s nails. They lose control of their hind paws and tend to drag their paws while walking. This makes them scratch their nails on the floor and damage them. Be careful when cutting their nails because if you cut them too short, they might get hurt from it.


Give your dog a bath once a week or twice a month. Depending on how long their fur is, or how messy they can get, make sure you give them a good scrubbing when giving them a bath. This is also a good way to minimize and get rid of fleas, ticks and other parasites that could be living in your dog’s coat. Use anti flea and tick shampoos when bathing them and use a medicated powder after. If you dog has dm in dogs,make sure you support it when giving it a bath and never leave it out of your site. Since they have a hard time controlling their limbs, they might get hurt and even drown in the shallow water.
Keeping a Clean Dog

Keeping a Clean Dog
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