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Owls, with their characteristically large eyes and penchant for being lone birds, are among the most easily identifiable birds in the world, often found as the “O subject” of countless alphabet flash cards for children.

Pivotal in the overall plot of the 2006 released movie, Hoot, the movie delved into how threatened certain owl species are, given how they are losing a lot of their natural habitats to urban human-population expansion.

As a species, owls consist of about 200 types of predatory birds, generally classified in two family types, the typical owl and the barn owl.
Generally, owls physically have larger sized eyes, smaller-sized beaks and wider-sized faces, with their nocturnal natures considered to be a basic attribute among owls, though not all owl species are only active at night.

Found in different parts of the world, different private individuals have kept owls as pets, though their keeping is not without its usual fair of regulations, permits and certificates.

Enclosures are almost always necessary in keeping owls as pets, given the fact that though certain pet owl owners have successfully domesticated them, the owl remains to be a wild bird – birds of prey, in fact.

In the wild, owls are expert hunters of insects, small mammals and even other birds. Some owl species are also quite skilled in catching fish, but rodents like field mice remain to be the owl’s generally preferred prey.

As nocturnal birds, the owl is built for the dark, with their capacity to adjust the focus of their eyes, leading to their keen eyesight. Speed is also one owl attribute that comes to their advantage, allowing them to quickly swipe their prey in a matter of milliseconds.

With their unique physique and their “grumpy old man look”, owls are certainly popular as birds, with their hoots considered to be another owl trademark that comes with the species.




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