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When your dog does not listen – Is he ignoring you or not paying attention

Sam is a cute, charming Boxer. About four years old he got away with a lot. At home he had everyone wrapped around his “paw”. While everyone else was having fun with him, Pat was the one walking him everyday and trying to train him with basic obedience. Walking Sam was a trick and half. he was always pulling on the leash and dragging her from one place to another. She could not take him to the dog park anymore because he go into the habit of bullying other dogs. He would only come back when he was ready. Pat had enough and was ready to give up. I met her on one of my walks.
Watching the two interacting it was clear that Sam had no respect for her. He was ignoring her commands and comply only when he felt like it.
There was no chemistry, no relationship or connection between the two of them.
Sam always had his way and Pat was running out of patience and ready to give up.

Echo on the other end was a lovely three years old Border Colley mix. He knew all the basics and would listen very well except .. when something else got his attention: like a good smell, other dogs or playing ball. All of his manners where gone. Brent his owner could call him and tried to get his attention, he would not listen. Echo was simply not paying attention to Brent when something else was more interesting.
The two behaviors are similar but different in the sens that Echo and Brent are connected while Sam and Pat live in two different worlds.

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