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4 Reasons why you should get a Pure Breed Dog

Choosing the right dog breed is a big this with dog owners. Some people feel that it’s fine to get any type of dog while others prefer to choose a pure breed. A pure breed dog simply means that the dog comes from a bloodline that shares the same breed. There are pros and cons when it comes to getting a pure breed dog, so you have to choose wisely. Below are a few benefits of choosing one over a mutt or a mix breed.
Pure Breed Dog
Know the breed better

If your dog is a pure breed, then it means that it will most likely have the known traits that the breed has. This means that you can expect that the dog will behave the way the breed would. If you have a German Shepherd, then expect the dog to be loyal and intelligent. If you have a Chihuahua, expect it to be low maintenance and noisy. Doing a little research on which breed to choose helps you find the perfect dog for your lifestyle.

Health issues

All dog breeds have known health problems connected to them. Corgis and degenerative myelopathy, Grate Danes and heart problems, pugs and respiratory issues, the list goes on. Finding out which breed is more prone to a specific illness will help you get ready and avoid the illness. If your dog does develop it over time due to genetics, then you’ll know how to deal with it correctly. Sometimes, it’s also because of the dog’s size. Bigger dogs are more prone to degenerative myelopathycompared to smaller ones, so do a lot of reading about your dog’s heath.

The dog’s temperament

You can tell if the dog is going to be an easy, fun loving dog or a strong, protective type just by monitoring their parents. Pure breed dogs tend to have their parent’s temperament, making it easier for you to know how the dog is going to be when it grows up. Proper training can help give the dog a good temperament, but genetics will always have a big role to play.

Bragging rites

Some people have turned dog breeding into a real art. They breed dogs to create the perfect litter or puppy that has all the noticeable breed characteristics like coat color, personality, size and weight. If you have a pure breed dog that has all the right features and characteristics, you can get a medal or an award at a dog show. 
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