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Different Snakes to Have As Pets

Getting a snake as a pet may be uncommon but then, many people still have them as pets. Although majority would prefer to have pets with fur that are affectionate, warm and cuddly, there are still a select few who opt to have a snake that are quite dull, cold and unpredictable.

Before deciding on having a snake as pet, ask yourself what kind of snake is best to keep as a pet? You cannot afford to risk your life living with a treacherous and venomous viper, right? After determining the best kind to keep, you should be able to ready to cope with the demands of taking care of a reptile – its space requirement, diet and many more.
pet snake
In considering a pet snake, first think of its size when it grows mature. How big can it grow? Do you have a suitable place for it to nurture and thrive? There are snake owners who love to have big snakes that could be wrapped around their shoulders and there are also snake owners who just want to watch them in an enclosure or snake terrarium.

Second thing that you need to consider is the life span of the snake. Are you willing to take care of it for about fifty years because some snakes do reach that age while others just survive twenty years or a bit more.

Now, we can lay out the breed and the kind that can be the best snakes to have as pets.

Garter snake - this one is smaller and usually kept in a small terrarium with length that grows up to only three feet. However, the size is not identifiable to the care and attention. Although small, a garter snake needs much care.

Corn snake – This is the most domesticated breed and often found in homes. Kids can play with them and they are docile compared to the other snakes. This one grows a bit longer up to five feet.

Ball Python- This one is non-venomous and a beginner can learn to take care of it quickly.

The list can go on but these three are the most common and safe to have as pets.
pet snake

pet snake

pet snake

pet snake

pet snake
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