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Dogs - Human’s Best Friend

The human and dog bond goes deep and wide! This week's article is written and contributed by avid Dogs Topic reader and contributor, Kathy Abellanida better known as Kat.

When humans pulled themselves out of the primordial ooze there was a cold wet nose waiting to nuzzle their face.... Ok, maybe not that long ago, but when humans were huddled around fires and civilization was far off in the future, one creature came out of the darkness and chose to befriend them: dogs.

Dogs started hovering at the edges of tribes, picking up scraps and deciding if we were worth their time, when humans were barely standing upright. They started following the tribes when the smell of food drew them. They would eat the little that was left behind or thrown out. Humans noticed the dogs would bark if other creatures or humans they were unfamiliar with came near. This was useful to the tribe and dogs were encouraged to stay. A relationship developed that exists to this day.

If left to their own devices and treated well, dogs will give unconditional love to their companions. They seek out contact and express joy in reciprocated attention. They are devastated when they are given the cold shoulder or feel we are angry with them. As pack animals they, more than any other creature thrive in a family environment. Dogs develop a loyalty to their family or 'pack'. They raise the alarm if they perceive a threat and even confront that threat if they feel the need. The exceptions to this are breeds where these traits have been suppressed for some reason, i.e. Chows who were bred to be loyal to one person.

No other animal has evolved itself to be companion to humans. There are many different 'pets' humans choose to keep, but these 'pets' would rather be on their own in the wild. Dogs are the only animals to seek humans out. The closest any animal comes to being such a close companion to humans are cats. Somehow though, cats give off the impression that humans have evolved to become somewhat useful for cats to have around.

While this is not necessarily an argument against having other animals as pets, I think it is clear dogs are more than pets and deserve a certain respect and consideration for the role they have in civilization. They should have certain rights bestowed upon them and there should be more severe consequences when they are abused. Should they have more rights than humans? I say no. I think even dogs would put us first if given the choice. But they have earned their right to come in a strong second.

*If anything in this editorial resembles other works it is totally unintentional and the sole result of the inherent truths spoken by so many about their dogs. -Kathy Abellanida.
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