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The Pygmy Goat Makes an Interesting Pet

Traditionally, goats are farm animals but they also make good and interesting pets. Some people tend to prefer a goat as a pet instead of a dog or cat, depending on how they want a pet to be. There is a wide variety of goat breeds available but the most sought-after as pet is the one that is the friendliest and the smallest, the dwarf breed….introducing: the Pygmy Goat.

How do you intend the Pygmy goat to be as a pet? Are you expecting it to guard the house from strangers and intruders? Well, you cannot train a pygmy goat to serve as a watch-goat. Are you looking for a pet that you can cuddle and sleep with? A dog or a cat can be your companion on bed at night but not a pygmy goat. It can still be a great and wonderful pet to have given some requirements and limitations.
Pygmy Goat
Because of its small size, its stature is hardy, robust and compact with thick and wooly undercoat making them more adaptable to any kind of climate. In fact, a pygmy goat could be able to reproduce in-season and out-of-season if you care enough to have a house filled with all those pygmies.

A Pygmy goat is a small breed of goat that is extremely sociable, playful and intelligent. They are the ones that are seen being petted on zoos, their amiable character defines them. Their miniature size is not limited to the energy and agility it shows, making them active and never-restful, always seen on – the-go, as if driven by something. Since this goat type is not used for the main purpose of getting meat or milk as compared to the other breeds in the farm, they serve as remarkable pets for people who want something different than a dog but can still behave like one. They love being handled, petted, treated lovingly and also longs to follow around the house when permitted.

Before you decide on getting a Pygmy goat as pet, learn what to do and know what to expect. As much as they can be affectionate and docile, sometimes their oozing energies cause them to be very curious and inquisitive, often times sticking their horns at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Pygmy goats despite their being domesticated are still considered herd animals and they cannot survive alone. They need a mate (one partner will do) and if possible, more of its kind to create an atmosphere of where it is designed to thrive successfully. A reasonable amount of space is needed with all the shed, beddings made of straw or shedding all depending on the number of pygmies you have or planning to have. Living in the city may pose some space limitations and certain laws of your area, so better comply with these entire first, before making things happen for a pet Pygmy goat.
Pygmy Goat

Pygmy Goat

Pygmy Goat

Pygmy Goat
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