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Free Ranging Dogs

As it is no secret that there are dogs kept by masters and dogs wandering the streets freely, the concern over free ranging dogs is one that takes on a tiered structure, with different enforcement entities having their take on the issue.

The 1974 film entitled Benji clearly illustrated how the life of a free ranging stray dog goes, with Benji, a lovable and pleasant mixed breed dog charming different people who refer to him by different names.

In today’s setting, however, such a setup cannot be described as applicable, given how strict and controlled the proliferation of free ranging dogs are.
Free Ranging Dogs

The Status of Free Ranging Dogs

Generally classified into two types, free ranging dogs are either stray dogs or wild/feral dogs.

Between the two, stray dogs are not as feared as wild or feral dogs are, considering that these are actually domesticated dogs, only without their masters. When talking about free ranging dogs, the term pariah dogs is one that can be heard mentioned, with the said pariah dogs originating from parts of Asia and India.

As dogs, pariah dogs are known to have evolved into what they are without or with the least amount of human intervention, with present pariah dog breeds bearing a likeness that links them with the original dog breed.

Different pariah dog breeds have been found in Asia and in India, with the Bali Dog from Indonesia, the Aspin dog from the Philippines and the Santal dog from India. In the United States, the American Carolina Dog is considered to be part of the pariah dog collective, as the Hottendot dog is also part of the group, hailing from South Africa.

With most government agencies quick in controlling the proliferation of free ranging dogs, a number of them have been sequestered in animal shelters, where they are put up for adoption.

Contrary to public opinion, there are actually a diverse range of free ranging dogs found in animal shelters, including full breeds like Dalmatians, saying something about how populated the ranks of free ranging dogs is.
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