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Picardy Shepherd

Picardy Shepherds, also known as the Berger Picard, are a French breed of dogs, made popular in the movie adaptation of the classic Because of Winn-Dixie novel.

Released in 2005, the movie was based on a 2000-released children’s novel authored by Kate DiCamillo, with the story told the tale of a young10-year old girl and how she came across a dog in the Winn-Dixie supermarket.

With the dog causing some trouble in the venue, the girl claimed that it was hers, thus paving the way for a unique heartwarming tale about the value of love in the family.
Picardy Shepherd
As a dog breed, Picardy Shepherds are known for their cool and calm natures, naturally reserved towards strangers, yet altogether interactive with those whom they are familiar with. Also known for their intelligence, the breed’s trainability has made them popular as a household dog, with their natures considered by many as ideal for households with children.

Athletic and quite energetic, they are not exactly considered as big dogs, but they can grow to certain sizes which some would consider them as such. With Picardy Shepherds known to measure as long as 23 to 25 inches, and weighing somewhere around 23 to 32 kilograms (somewhere between 50 to 75 pounds), they are quite robust as dog breeds, with their physical traits deeming them as “somewhere in between” strength and carry-worthy sizes.

Though more inclined for outdoor habitats, Picardy Shepherds are known to adapt well with urban life, another Picardy Shepherd trait that makes them perfect as household dogs.

Lovable and generally well-mannered, Picardy Shepherds make for interesting additions to households, a loyal dog which masters and guests to homes will find pleasing to be with.
Picardy Shepherd

Picardy Shepherd

Picardy Shepherd image

Picardy Shepherd picture
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