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Rare Rat Breeds?

When it comes to pet rats, rat breeds tend to be a confusing subject, with a number of exotic pet owners asking, What’s the rarest rat breed?

In jest, Remy, the gourmand-rat from the 2007 animated hit Ratatouille, would one truly rare pet rat, given Remy’s culinary capacities and capabilities. After all, who wouldn’t welcome a kitchen maestro into his or her home?
gourmand rat
But jokes aside, to determine a “rare rat breed” is not as exactly like determining a rare dog or cat breed. What’s rare, as most exotic pet circles note about rats, is not exactly the “breed” of a rat, but rather its “type”.

A “show worthy” Siamese Rat, for example, is considered to be quite highly valued, even though Siamese Rats are considered to be commonly found in pet stores. As rats, a Siamese Rat is defined by a cream-hued coat with blue points or seal-hued points, generally looking just like how Siamese Cats look like.

Also, apart from bearing a Siamese Cat-like coat, Siamese Rats are known to have distinct eye colors, typically in shades of red or pink. When talking about rare Siamese Rats, black-eyed Siamese Rats are generally considered to be quite rare and hard to find, and when matched with a perfectly blended coat, they would be the perfect rat candidates for the “rare rat breed” distinction.

Also, just as black-eyed Siamese Rats are considered to be unique, black-eyed white rats are considered to be rare, with most white rats having red or pink-hued eyes.

Though not exactly breeds, the two types of rats mentioned above are among the few types of known rare rats.
gourmand rat

gourmand rat

gourmand rat

gourmand rat
Gourmand Rat Video
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