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Real Wolves at Twilight Premiere

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan should better be careful next time around since PETA lashed at them while partying with wolves. Yes, not men in wolves clothing but real wolves to create a more monstrous and wild impact to mark the last film premier of the movie, “Twilight”.

It was not Edward and Bella’s fault though since party planners just want the guests to have a taste and feel of the real thing. Since they could not find vampires, these four-legged wolves may be the best performing act of the night.
Real Wolves at Twilight Premiere
The three wolves that were in a safely enclosed cage nearing the entrance wowed the guests and some were in aghast. The presence of the wolves brought the party to the max but there were people who were not at all pleased, their spirit not lifted up a bit! Animal rights organization PETA which stands for

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has this to say on the presence of the wolves at the Twilight premiere through Yahoo News, “Didn't it dawn on the 'Twilight' event organizers that real wolves do not belong at a party with blaring music and flashing lights?"

"The wolves were provided by Hollywood Animals, a notorious exhibitor that has been cited for numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act for repeatedly failing to provide the animals it exploits with basic veterinary care, proper shelter, food, and water," the statement continued. "We hope the rest of the promotional events surrounding 'Breaking Dawn' celebrates the brilliant work of the cast and crew and shows enough respect for wildlife to leave animals out of it.”

To all producers and party planners out there, there is a lesson to learn. In the light of the observance and respect to animal rights, it is best to keep animals away from the limelight especially when animals from the wild are concerned.couldn't find any, and the team doesn't know how long
Real Wolves at Twilight Premiere
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