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The Mutt

Formally, the mutt is often referred to as the mongrel, defined by a mixed breed dog whose genetic ancestry is typically difficult, at times even impossible, to define.

Considered by many as “inferior” to other pure breed dogs, mutts are different from typical mixed breeds in the sense that their breeding is not intentional, while dogs which are described as mixed breeds are the result of purposed breeding.
Though not exactly as popular as pure bred dogs, a number of mutts have managed to gain notoriety, with some actually playing title character roles in different movies and stories. Doogal, in the 2006 released feature entitled Doogal would be one good example, with the movie telling the story of a mutt who was intent on saving the world.

As an animated feature targeting family audiences, Doogal actually did more than just portray a unique mixed breed character in Doogal, but also managed to shed better light on mongrels, characterizing them as not inferior to other breeds.

In fact, a number of mixed breed dogs are infamous for various sporting activities, at times even rivaling the sports-capacities of their purebred counterparts.

Also, in terms of drawbacks, pure breed dogs are known for certain genetic variations, given the small gene-pool margin their genetic roots are based on. But as varied as the genes of mixed breed dogs are, defining the characteristics and traits of mutts aren’t as easy as pure breeds, particularly when talking about them as pups.

Either way, mutts are still dogs, whose loyalties and loving characteristics define them as man’s best friend.
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