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The One (and Only) Vitamin Not Needed in a Dog’s Diet

Have you ever seen a dog eating an orange? Or a lemon?

Probably, not. That’s because unlike humans… who require vitamin C to sustain life… dogs possess the natural ability to make their own.

Without vitamin C humans get a disease called scurvy… and die. Dogs do fine without it.

Just the same, there have been some reports claiming the vitamin may be beneficial in the treatment of bladder infections… or even hip dysplasias.

Unfortunately, those claims are only anecdotal and have not yet been scientifically confirmed by what’s known as “peer-reviewed” research.

So, don’t worry if you don’t find vitamin C… or any of the vegetables or fruits that naturally contain it… on your dog food’s ingredient list.

Your dog can take care of that nutritional shortfall… all by herself.
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