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Top Hypoallergenic Dogs for Kids and Families

 Your kid has been begging for a pet dog and you worry about their heath, especially if they have asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Don’t fear since there are some dog breeds that are hypoallergenic and safe for kids with breathing problems.

Bichon Frisé

At first, you might think this little puffy dog might trigger allergies, but they actually don’t shed and they’re smart and easy to train. However, these dogs are a bit high maintenance and you’ll need to brush their fur to get rid of dust and dander.
dogs for kids and families

One of the most noticeable features of this breed is its beard. They don’t shed and they’re one of the most loyal breeds. They have a tendency to follow you around and make you the center of their world. They can also be a bit stubborn and too protective, so you need to socialize them properly and train them to get use to other people. Because of their size, they can be prone to DM in dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

If you don’t have any space to let your dog run around, then this is the perfect breed for you. Yorkshire Terriers love to cuddle and play with their owners and don’t require a lot of exercise. They do, however, need a lot of grooming so make sure you keep a brush in handy.

These dogs look more like lambs then dogs but these dogs are actually not as fearful as sheep. They are one of the best family dogs around because of their loyalty and protectiveness. This mild mannered breed is good with kids.


Poodles are said to be the smartest dog breed around and they come in three different sizes, toy, miniature and standard. Standard sized poodles are prone to DM in dogs so you will have to be watchful of their diet. Although these dogs don’t shed, they do need attention on the grooming department.

Italian Greyhound
Italian greyhounds are smaller compared to regular greyhounds, so they don’t need a lot of space. The thing about this dog is that they are sensitive to weather. You have to keep them warm and they won’t do well in places that have chilly climate.


A not so common breed, this dog is perfect if you want a dog that doesn’t make a lot of noise. After all, Basenji doesn’t bark. They do make strange
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