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Can Wolves Be Trained Like Dogs?

Can wolves be trained like dogs?

A: Yes to some degree and no. I have always considered wolves very cat like in how they move, and even act in some ways, training is one of those ways. Cats are highly independent and do not like to take direction very easily, the same can be said about wolves. However give a wolf incentive to work and they will do it, some even happily so, as it gives them something to do, and works their minds to problem solve. They are capable of learning commands, however one has to use positive reinforcement such as a clicker and food rewards.

Young wolves in the wild and in human captive raised situations, look to the leaders in their canine and human pack members, for direction as they mature, however evolution has designed them, to break out of their dependence on others, and express their independence. I have found that wolves are of the most independent creatures around. You can train and teach wolves to do *some* things, however I would not consider wolves bomb proof when it comes to commands and reliability in training no matter how much time is spent on it.
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