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Common Wide Dogs as Pets

Most of us are used to pet dogs that are warm, welcoming and domesticated. These dogs are very used to the presence of humans and are commonly kept as pets. However, there are some dog lovers who take their love for canines to the extreme, even taking in wild dogs as pet. These dogs more or less have the same needs as domesticated dogs, even sharing the same illnesses like DM in dogs. In some countries, keeping wild dogs is against the law. However, some people still find ways to keep these wild dogs under their homes as “pets”. Many successfully domesticate these animals, but some end up in life threatening accidents and even death. Below are common wild dogs that people captivate and take in as pets.

The wolf is one of the most common wild dogs found across the world. They are characterized by their long bushy tails, pointy ears, almond shaped eyes, medium to thick fur and large size. Wolves are one of the easiest wild dogs to domesticate, especially if they were bred and grew up on captivity. Wolves are even used in the entertainment industry as actors in movies, preforming tricks in front of a crowed and playing the “bad guy” in most films. Like German Shepherds, which are very closely related to them, wolves can also suffer from DM in dogs.

Growing up in the Australian outback’s, you’re probably familiar with what a dingo is. These medium sizes wild dogs live mostly around the grasslands, edges of forest and deserts of Australia. They stay close to water and can’t live far from it. Most dingos settle in empty rabbit holes, dens that they dig up and big hollow logs. Dingos have made a bad reputation for themselves in the outback. Normally, these dogs don’t touch human livestock, but due to the migration of human presence to their natural habitat, many dingos have been hunted down and condemned because they attacked flocks of sheep and goats.

This wild dog looks more like a mixture of a wolf and a fox. They have small, pointy-shaped heads with ears that stand up. These dogs are commonly found in northern Africa and west Asia, roaming around the deserts and dry lands. They feed of small animals like birds and lizards and they have the ability to walk and run for long distances. Unlike most dogs, jackals prefer to live in pairs, and in some rare cases, trios.

Keeping these animals as pets is a dangerous thought, for the sole fact that they are still wild and their primitive urges are still uncontrollable. However, if you do come across one and consider getting as a pet, you have to be ready for the responsibility.
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