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Dogs Love eat Cucumbers

Dogs really do love cucumbers; they are nuts about them. And let me tell you, I know a German shepherd who absolutely loves cucumbers. This dog is crazy about this elongated fruit.

The German shepherd belongs to my parents, and I'm the one who introduced him to the juicy, refreshing fruit. The dog will eat a whole cucumber in just a few minutes. This fruit is certainly very safe for dogs to consume; Our dog has never suffered any adverse effects from all the many cucumbers he has devoured.

This plant food is largely water, and the skin is loaded with phytonutrients (plant nutrients). It also has antioxidants. Just because it's not a protein food doesn't mean a dog shouldn't eat a cucumber. This fruit, which is 90 percent or more water, contains no compounds that are toxic to canines.

In fact, according to, there isn't even any data out on whether or not this fruit contains anything harmful to the canine species. Yes, the plant is a fruit; though it's often regarded as a vegetable because it's green and often used in salads.

The ASPCA site does not encourage giving your pet "table food." However, fruit in its natural state should not be considered a "table food." Raw fruit is natural, nature-made, not manmade, and the cucumber grows on a vine, not on a table.

Start by giving your dog small amounts of cucumber. This will make a far healthier "treat" than giving your pet so-called doggie cookies that contain artificial flavors, chemical colorings and other additives. In fact, if ever there's a food that dogs were not meant by nature to consume, it is GRAINS.

If you have to choose between a cucumber to give your dog, and a processed, manmade "dog food" that contains grains, go with the fruit.

This food is also loaded with enzymes and is extremely low in calories -- even a whole one. If you're worried that cucumbers will give your dog diarrhea, fear not. Because if it does, that's only a temporary reaction in a body that's been getting fed too many processed, manmade foods.

Even a human, who's not used to eating much fruit, may end up with diarrhea -- and that's temporary. If he keeps including fruit in his diet, the diarrhea will stop within a few days, and his movements will be softer and better, rather than hard-textured and difficult to get out.

Canines are omnivores, and there's no reason a dog should not get some raw vegetables and fruit in its diet. In fact, many dog foods contain vegetables, except they are not in raw form. Raw vegetation is the healthiest way to go.

Our German shepherd loves cucumbers so much that recently, he snatched one off the kitchen counter. This isn't the first time he's done this, either. Cucumbers can also be sliced up and mixed in with dog food.
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