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Ideas of A Doggy Vacation

If your dog is going through a lot of stress, you might want to take it out on a vacation. This might sound silly, but your dog will be happier after a day or two of relaxation and all out fun. But how do you plan out or spend a vacation with your dog? Below are a few simple ideas.

Spend it at the beach

Sun, sand and surf, imaging spending the whole day at the beach with your dog. The beach is a great place to spend a day especially if your dog is the type of breed that’s made to love the water, such as Labradors and Newfoundlands. Disabled dogs, like the ones with DM in dogs can still enjoy the beach, buy you have to keep an eye on them. Too much sun might dry their fur out or cause them to get dehydrated. Make sure you bring lots of water with you and if you can, stay under the shade or bring a beach umbrella.
Doggy Vacation
Pet hotels

Pet hotels are all in one establishment that offers services that will make your dog feel like they’re in a vacation. Pet hotels have salons that have grooming packages that range from massages to haircuts and even hair coloring. This is a great place to take toy dogs like Pugs and Papillions. Dogs that have illnesses like DM in dogs or physical problems will also enjoy the pampering these pet hotels offer.

Home therapy

Dogs that have DM in dogswould love these therapy sessions. Since they can’t move, home therapy sessions would feel like heaven for them. It’s like bringing a spa to your home for your dog. they can have a few hours of massage and physical therapy which eases their muscles and nerves. These sessions could even help them recover or lessen the symptoms of their illness.

Dog parks

Socializing is great way for dogs to distress and have fun. Most towns and even neighborhoods have dog parks for all the local dogs to meet up and make friends.  Your dog might have a hard time meeting others during their first time at the dog park, especially if they’re not use to seeing other animals, but they will start warming up to others and even join a pack.

These are just a few ways for you to have some fun and distress with your dog. remember, safety first and always watch over your dog to avoid accidents.
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