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Komondor Dogs

As a dog hailing from Hungary, the Komondor is one that comes with different names, formally known as the Hungarian Komondor or the Hungarian Sheepdog, but more popularly referred to as the “mop dog”.

As its “pet name” would imply, the Komondor dog’s thick matted and corded fur gives it a mop-like “sheen”, one which can be described as similar to humans sporting dreadlocks as their hairstyle, only that the “dreads” of the Komondor are natural and not cosmetically induced.
Komondor Dog
Also known for being one of the largest dog breeds around, the Komondor is quite famous for its “natural guarding instincts”, making them the perfect sheepdogs, or dogs designated to watch over different livestock.

In fact, the personalities of Komondor dogs is so akin towards being guards that they are typically calm when things are okay, springing into action when things are awry or simply off.

Typically, Komondor dogs are kept as working dogs, given their natural guarding inclinations, but instances of them being kept as pets are also quite common. Well built and athletic, the breed is known to have a particular exercise regimen.

Given the dog’s large size, Komondor dogs are typically introduced to training methods and modes early, designed to help control them as they grow older. But unlike most dogs, training sessions with Komondors require a certain “edge”, one which suits well with the dog’s attitudes – particularly how easily they get bored.

As a dog, the Komondor is considered to be one of Hungary’s national treasures, a dog breed whose breeding status is well kept from any modifications.

Powerful, strong and simply unique with its matted-corded fur, Komondor dogs are certainly one of the world’s more unique dog breeds.
Komondor Dog

Komondor Dog

Komondor Dog

Komondor Dog
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