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The right time to show your dog affection

1. Question When is the right time to show your dog affection?

When the dog is submissive and acting calm. He will be holding his head low, with his ears relaxed and slightly back. He might curl into a circle. Basically, he is slinking himself smaller, telling you he does not wish to be boss. You can give your dog all the love and affection you wish at this time.

Do not give your dog affection when he is excited, scared, nervous, anxious, or when he is showing signs of dominance—very perky and proud, looking and asking you for attention. A dog that is asking to be petted is demanding that you do something for him. A demand from a dog is an alpha behavior. Alpha behavior can also be seen when he carries himself proud with a stance that makes him look bigger. His ears will be perked. When dogs carry themselves like this they look beautiful, but in the dog world, this is a dog trying to puff himself out for the role of the leader. Dogs should not be petted or sweet-talked to at this time.

When a dog is showing signs of dominance the dog should receive no affection until you are able to make him realize he is not the boss and he accepts it and begins to act submissive. The more submissive and stable-minded the dog gets, the more love you can give him. Dogs should not get any affection until the dominance is under control. Your affection will reinforce whatever mind frame (in human words, "mood") the dog is in.
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