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British Shorthair Bear Cat

british shorthair cat kitten pets
British Shorthair Cat Pictures

british shorthair cat kitten pets
Cute British Shorthair Cats

british shorthair cat kitten petsBritish Shorthair cat is one of the oldest races known to man. In general, medium to large size of its body weight ranges 4-8 kg. Her body was compact, solid, cobby, strong and muscled with the chest, shoulders and wide hips. His head was round and wide with full cheeks, located in the neck short and thick. British Shorthair short nose, wide and straight with no curve, the shape of a round chin. Ear sizes medium and wide at the bottom with a curved tip. The distance between the two ears are. British Shorthair large eyes and round, the color associated with the coat color of copper, gold, blue, green or odd eyes. British Shorthair short legs with strong bones and muscles and fingers rounded. British Shorthair tail length approximately 2 / 3 body length, thick at the base and thinning at the edges. Its fur is short, dense and thick. British Shorthair cat is calm, gentle, warm, and smart. British Shorthair coat color there is a plain (white, black, blue, red and beige), dichromatic, black, striped.
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