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Munchkin Cat Breed

munchkin cat breed
Appearance Munchkin Cat
Special characteristic of the type is a short-legged Munchkin cats. Although it has short legs but no problems or interference with the spine. The spine of Munchkin cats can usually be distinguished from other cats. Not found any interference with the Munchkin. The gene that causes the short legs on the same Munchkin cat to that of the Daschund dog race. Unfortunately, the dog actually impaired the backbone. The nature of the Munchkin cat breed is very playful. Munchkin easily adapt to humans and other animals. Munchkin cat race quickly became quite popular. This is because when Munchkin sitting the hind legs similar to the position in rabbits. Munchkin cats vary widely, can be long or short haired.

munchkin cat breed
munchkin cat standing

munchkin cat breed
munchkin cat pictures
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