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American Foxhound dogs

The American Foxhound is also known as: None

Fast Facts

Group classification: Hound Country of origin: United States Date of origin: 17th century
Weight (M): 45 - 65 lb Height (M): 22 - 25" Life expectancy: 12 - 13 years
Weight (F): 40 - 60 lb Height (F): 21 - 24"

General Description of the American Foxhound

Quick and agile, the American Foxhound is the product of a centuries long effort to produce the perfect fox hunting breed. The dog has a lean, strong build and is covered by a solid, tight coat that may be of any color. The head is relatively long and the eyes have a gentle or soft look that many describe as “pleading.” The ears are low set, broad, and long enough to reach the nose if pulled forward. The nose is turned slightly upwards, creating what many describe as a Roman-nosed appearance. The tail, somewhat high-set, may have a slight brush texture and is carried freely with a minimal curve. The American Foxhound is taller and lighter than its British cousin, and is thus a bit faster and more agile.

American Foxhound Temperament

A true hunting dog, the American Foxhound is happiest in the field and on the trail. With its powerful sense of smell, this dog is easily distracted by various scents, and once it has decided to follow one you will have a difficult time calling it off. The breed hunts with the passion of a warrior, but is gentle, affectionate, and great with children in the home. With regard to strangers, the American Foxhound’s temperament can vary tremendously. Some dogs act in an extremely protective or guard-like manner while others will eagerly embrace an outsider. The American Foxhound has a long history of hunting in packs, and therefore gets along exceptionally well with other dogs; it also tends to be good with pets. This dog will bay and howl, and city living is therefore not recommended.

Caring for an American Foxhound

The American Foxhound was bred to be a fast hunter with great endurance. The breed therefore requires a substantial amount of exercise to be fit in both a physical and mental sense. A daily romp can suffice, although the best form of fitness is for the dog to meet his duties as a hunter in the field. To ensure a well-adjusted adult dog, it is important for the American Foxhound to begin obedience training at a young age. The breed has a tight coat that requires minimal grooming. When accompanied by another social dog, the American Foxhound does well living outside, but the dog should never be made to feel lonely and generally prefers to sleep inside with its family. The American Foxhound is your typical healthy hound, and is not known to have any hereditary illness. Thrombopathy is very rarely seen in the breed.
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