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Dog Illness Symptoms

dog illness symptoms
Dog has become a part of our family now a day and they are certainly our best friend. Everyone want their dog to be healthy, live longer and happy all the time but sometimes they can get sick, behaviour changes and shown difference kind of illness symptoms.
Whatever your worries and concern may be, it is your duty as their owner to take care of them when they don't feel well and bring them back to their normal conditions as quick as possible.
Here is a few signs of dog illness symptoms that you should know.
dry nose
You can check by touching your dog nose gently but in some case watching closely is enough to detect their sickness. Their behaviour will also change for example feeling down, depress etc. However there are also other reasons that can be the cause of dog dry nose such as dehydrated that cause the reduction of liquid production inside your dog's body which lead to other kind of dog illness symptoms. If the surrounding temperature is hot around your dog then they can have temporary dry nose. There are also dog that recover from distemper when they are puppies may have permanently dry nose. The good treatment is to take your dog exercise often and feed them with good nutrient food.
significant increase or decrease in weight
Underweight is usually a sign of illness so if your dog is underweight then you must check with your veterinarian immediately. The basic treatment for underweight is giving more food and exercise. For overweight case is usually happened when your dog eat the left over food from human, over eat when they feel bored etc. The treatment for overweight case is choosing food carefully with low calories and do more exercise.
Increased water consumption, Increased urination, dehydration, eat more and gain less weight
This is the sign that your dog is having diabetes illness. The treatment for this case is controlling insuline and special diet course given by your veterinarian.
Changes in behavior
Yor dog illness signs can also be seen by symptoms such as sleep all day or sleep less than usual in some case, lethargy and irritation.
Loss of appetite
There are many reasons that make your dog eat less or stop eating such as problem with teeth and chewing, stomach problem caused by food that was eaten earlier, constipated, having depression feeling, adjusting problems due to change in season and temperature, hormone disorder, kidney or liver problems which is mainly cause by eating commercial food, having heart disease and cancer etc. The basic treatments for loss of appetite is to give fresh, different food and toppings everyday. If it doesn't work then you must talk with your vet to find the exact cause of this problems.
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