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Dog Labor Symptoms

After two months that your dog are carrying puppies in her body. It is now almost time to let her puppies out to see the world but before that happen you might want her to play with small stuffed animals toy first to build guarding and nurture sense.

Here are the signs of dog labor symptoms

Rectal Temperature Drop

Normal temperature is about 101 fahrenheit or 38 celsius. If the measured temperature drop down below 97 fahrenheit or 36 celsius that mean your dog is about to give birth to puppies usually less than 24 hour. If your dog doesn't shown any signs of labor after 1 day from the temperature drop then you should contact your local veterinarian to check for the problems and do more accurate measurement by using dog thermometer.

Reject food

Most pregnant female dog will refuse to eat anything before they go into labor period. This is early sign that your dog will have labor symptoms soon.

Finding a den

This is a nature behaviour of most female dog. She will try to find a den or a hiding place that she feel safe and comfortable to give birth to her puppies such as under your bed, bathroom etc. During pregnancy period she can be more aggressive to other peoples too.

Sickness and vomiting

This is a normal symptoms for pregnant dog. she will begin to vomit to empty her stomach and this is usually happen few day before she go into labor and also make sure that you have fresh water available for her all the times.

Wanting to be near you all the time

She will follow you everywhere you go even sleep under your bed when you are sleeping so don't be surprise by this behaviour when this happen.

You Should call veterinarian if your dog have the following symptoms

Strong contraction for about an hour or more with no puppy out and you know that there are still more puppies inside her body.

About 3-4 hour pass and there are still more pups inside your dog body.

Fail to have labor after 1 day pass from the period of temperature drop.

Gestation for more than 70 days and no sign of labor symptoms.
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