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Some Foods dogs'd not eat

Want a happy, healthy pooch? avoid giving them these foods

A list of foods dogs should not eat if you want to keep them healthy and happy. Avoid feeding your dog these things and you will sleep well at night.

You will also learn the truth about what goes into your dog's food!

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Why what you put into your dog's tummy is important

Just like you, what your dog eats is essential to their healthy and well-being, but did you know that feeding them the right things and cutting out the bad stuff can improve their life on a deeper level? What am I talking about?

Let's put it this way - our pets bring us so much joy. Hard day at work? snuggle up to your hound! worried about adult matters? give your dog a hug and it all goes away. It's a fact that animals like canines know an amazing sense of happiness that is so beautiful and joyous that they often times have dog programs working with hospitals to bring that same happiness to people who don't have much to look forward to.

Point is - when you realize how essential your dog is to your own well-being, you don't ever want to think about losing them, and if you have ever departed with a pet, you know just how hard it can be. I say this, because you can actually keep your dog around longer by changing their diet. Just like you and me, we can actually improve their longevity if we feed them the right things.

So now I want to tell you what foods dogs should not eat - including yours.


You can't imagine what the industry puts into your pet's dog food. The average life expectancy with this garbage nutrition is 11 years. Changing their diet can result into a 27 year lifespan. 

17 Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

A list of things you should not feed to man's best friend
There are many things that your dog should not eat, and for complete information on dog nutrition, I suggest checking out Dog Food Secrets which will guide you through the process of keeping your pet safe. Certain foods can make your dog have digest problems, cause them to be seriously ill and at the very worst lead to death. Here are some that you should avoid.

Cat Food Anyone could easily make the mistake of giving their canine friend cat food, and why not? cat's eat it and we tend to have both, but the truth is that cat food is way too high in protein and fatty acids for a dog's stomach.

Avocado : All parts of avocado contain Persin which can lead to vomiting and problems with diarrhea.

Caffeine : Coffees, teas or chocolates contain high amounts of caffeine which can be hard on their heart and nervous system.

Fish : Any type of fish, either raw or cooked is bad for your dog. It will cause a vitamin B deficiency which can lead to a seizure.

Grapes : Grapes contain a toxin that causes damage to a dog's kidneys.

Dairy : Dogs will experience issues with extreme diarrhea if given milks, cheeses and other dairy products.

Mushrooms : These contain many different toxins that can lead to death or cause them to go into shock.

Raw Meat : In movies you may see a raw piece of meat thrown to a hungry hound, but in actual fact it will give them problems with vomiting and diarrhea.

Salt : Salt is harmful to dogs because it causes problems with their electrolyte levels.

Onions or Garlic :Both of these items destroy red blood cells in dogs and can lead to anemia.

Macadamia Nuts : It only takes 6 of these to make a dog sick. It can cause their heart rate to increase dramatically, lead to paralysis, vomiting and even death.

Xylitol : Xylitol is found in candies, gum and even toothpaste. If your dog is given this liver failure is an extreme risk and they can go into seizures.

Scraps of Fat :Many people will commonly give their dogs table scraps, but this is unwise. Fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis in your dog. Scrap bones can cause them to choke.

Peach and Plum Pits : The pits in both peaches and plums contain minute traces of cyanide, which in small dosage may not be harmful to humans, but to dogs it could be another story. Pits also cause inflammation in the smell intestine.

Raw Eggs : Eggs in raw form can often contain E.coli and salmonella. Plus eggs can cause your dog to have skin problems.

Yeast : Yeast can have a reaction in your dog's stomach and cause stomach pains.

Human Medication : I can't specify everything here, and some people might think that common answers to simple human problems might be good for their dog, but most of the time this is not the case. You should always check with your vet first about what you can and cannot give a dog.
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