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What food do dogs eat?

A dog diet may include raw or cooked meat, organ meats, vegetables, grains and fruits. There are pros and cons to feeding raw, cooked, or processed food. It is best to research different types of food and talk to a professional before deciding what diet is best for your dog. 

Dogs should not consume: raw onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, or chocolate or anything containing caffeine, alcohol or root vegetables. These can be toxic to their bodies. Some houseplants can be poisonous if eaten by dogs, too. 

Dogs are descended from meat-eating wolves, therefore meat should be included as a main ingredient in the most preferable diet for dogs. Dogs (wolves) are basically carnivorous in nature (at least biologically). Grains, fruit (e.g., blueberries and apples, but not citrus) and cereals should also be included in their diet in moderation. Vegetables are important for other nutrients and fiber and are included in most premium commercial dog foods, carrots are an excellent choice as a healthy treat, in bite sized pieces. Avoid sweets, salty items and overly fat foods. Too much fat in their diets can cause health problems and obesity just like in humans. It can also cause diarrhea if too much. A small amount of fat is needed to keep their skin and coats healthy, however. 

Table scraps are usually too fat, too salty and not nutritious enough and bad for their teeth. Brittle cooked bones, especially small bones like from chicken, can splinter and be dangerous and even puncture bowels, do not give those to your dog. Therefore, avoid these strict no-no's if you want your dog to be healthy. 

Giving your dog a quarter of a cup of canned pumpkin (like you use for pies, although not the kind with sugar, etc. already in it...just plain pumpkin) mixed in their food every day is very good for them nutritionally, helps their coats be healthy, and provides fiber that helps diarrhea or constipation. They love it, too.
well if your dog has digestion or stomach problems then iams is a good choice just make sure you use the food that best suits your dog's weight and health.
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