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Tilefishes, as a species, are not generally kept as pets given how larger sized tilefishes are often sought for their food and commercial values.

But as large tilefishes are caught as food commodities, smaller sized tilefish variants are typically kept in aquariums, given their often-encountered colorful bodies and their overall aquarium-accommodating size.

In 1964, Warner Bros released a live-action and animation feature entitled The Incredible Mr. Limpet, a story which featured the combined utilization of animation and live-action scenes and sequences, a challenging feat to produce at the time of the movie’s release.
The movie told the story of a bookkeeper named Henry Limpet, whose wish to become a fish was magically granted one day, allowing him to experience underwater adventures like never before.

Though Limpet’s tilefish transformation was quick in its movements just as actual tilefishes are, real tilefish are typically found in shallow sand areas, with a number also known to be found in corral reefs. In fact, tilefishes are known for their burrowing tendencies, with different tilefishes known to make tunnels under marine water surfaces.

Tunnel networks leading to the creation of underwater caves are also known to exist, one which is typically made by groups of tilefishes.

In terms of their diets, tilefishes aren’t all the fickle, with tilefishes known to consume small invertebrates like shrimps and crabs. Larger sized tilefishes are also known to have diets consisting of mollusks and sea urchins, with some even known to consume other fishes as part of their diets.


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