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Titanoboa Monster Snake

In a recently released special, the world’s biggest snake to ever be discovered was put under the limelight in Titanoboa: Monster Snake.

Estimated to have weighed one and a half tons and measuring some 48 feet long, the Titanoboa is believed to have been the dominant predator after the dinosaurs went extinct some sixty million years ago, with the modern boa constrictors being its present descendants.
In 2006, a movie entitled Snakes on a Train was released to audiences, with the movie’s plot essentially no different from the movie Snakes on a Plane. What made Snakes on a Train somewhat different was how its poster depicted a giant snake in the act of swallowing a train, which says something about the size of the snake featured in Snakes on a Train.

Though the Titanoboa was large, its size wasn’t exactly large enough to swallow a whole train. But its 48 feet long length and recent discovery in 2002 has made it the subject of a number of researchers’ and scientists’ interests, with many privy to its discovery looking at the Titanoboa as a worthy “challenger” against the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dwarfing the size of today’s anacondas and pythons, the Titanoboa was first discovered by a Columbian student who happened to come by a coal mine, leading to the discovery of what is described as the first rainforest in the World.

Along with the giant snake, giant turtles and crocodiles were also discovered on-site, but it was the large size of the Titanoboa which really raked in a lot of attention, given how much it had defied the snake size conventions of the imagination.

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