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Star-nosed Moles

Native to the Eastern portions of Canada and the Northeastern areas of the United States, the Star-nosed Mole is certainly one of the most interesting looking members of the mole species, defined by a set of 11 pairs of pink-hued appendages located on its snout.

Known as Eimer’s Organs, the Star-nosed mole’s unique snout comes with more than 25,000 sense receptors, receptors which allows it to easily read seismic wave vibrations, allowing it to easily “see” and “feel” its way around.
Star-nosed Moles
The average Star-nosed Mole measuring somewhere between 5 to 8 inches, and they typically sport a black-brown hued coat of water repellent fur. Also, apart from its unique snout, the Star-nosed mole also has a thick tail, one which is geared as a fat reservoir which it uses for fat storage during winter.

Apart from its unique snout, a lot of distinctions have been awarded to the Star-nosed mole, among which would include its ability to actually smell underwater, an ability that comes in handy since they are typically found in wet lowland areas.

They are also known as one of the fastest eating creatures out there, with the Nature journal actually deeming the Star-nosed mole as the fastest eating mammal, with its ability to consume food items within 120 milliseconds.

As with most moles, the Star-nosed mole’s eyesight is quite poor, functionally blind even, to certain extent.

But as visually challenged the Star-nosed mole is, its sense receptors comes to balance its movement and mobility needs, giving it an edge that allows it to freely move around underground and find its staple diet of different diets, which includes mollusks, aquatic insects, worms and small invertebrates.

Given the star shaped form of its sense receptors, the Star-nosed mole is quite aptly named if names based on the physical traits of animals are being talked about. If the unique capabilities of a creature is used as basis for its name, the Star-nosed mole is also quite the superstar.
Star-nosed Moles

Star-nosed Moles

Star-nosed Moles image

Star-nosed Moles picture
 Star-nosed Moles Video
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